Game of Thrones Tour - Iron Island Adventure

Departing from our Throne at the City of Derry Airport’s West Apron you will soar like Dragon along the famous North Coast past the filming sites for Dragonstone, the Stormlands, Pyke Castle, the Iron Islands and on to Lordsport Harbour and Dorne Coast before flying back over the King’s Road and returning to base.
Time is approx.
Derry Airport
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Enjoy the spectacular Dragon’s Eye View of this beautiful coast line with views out across the Atlantic towards Rathlin Island and beyond and then over Derry towards Donegal as you return the Airport. Chat with your Pilot and other travelers as you fly, keep a look out for Giants and other Dragons on the way.

Route Map:

  • 1 Dothraki Grasslands
  • 2 Dragonstone
  • 3 Coast of Dorne
  • 4 Pyke Castle
  • 5 Lordsport Harbour & Pyke
  • 6 The Stormlands & Nagg’s Hill, Old Wyk
  • 7 The King’s Road (optional)

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The Helicopter

The tour uses a Robinson R44 helicopter and has 3 available seats for passengers.

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