At Cutting Edge Helicopters we just don’t fly Helicopters, we offer a full range of Flying and Specialist Services covering all aspects from Learning to Fly a Helicopter to
Ratings on different Helicopter Types/Models, Acquisition/Sales, Helicopter Management and Planning Services, Risk Management and Helicopter Maintenance

We are passionate about all things Helicopter and employ the services of experienced, knowledgeable and qualified people to provide solutions for owners and customers in corporate, leisure and private sectors.

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Helicopter Management
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Helicopter Management

The Helicopter is probably our most versatile invention and makes the impossible possible.!
Helicopters save lives, increase security, simplify challenging projects, and add value to business, travel and leisure activities.
They are however very complex machines so operating and maintaining them is a complex business which combines Regulatory requirement, legal and insurance
matters, finance, pilot services, maintenance, flight planning and a lot more.

Cutting Edge Helicopters’ Management Services job is to take the hassle out of helicopter ownership for business and private owners by managing these complex
issues to optimize the owner’s time, financial efficiency, travel demands and expectations.

The experience and knowledge of our Aircraft and Maintenance Managers, Compliance Managers, Safety Managers, Consultants and Commercially Trained Pilots will
be applied throughout ownership and leave us ideally equipped to provide all Helicopter Management solutions.

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Buying a Helicopter

If you are considering the acquisition of a Helicopter, whether for Corporate, Private, and/or Leasing use, you will be aware that aviation and taxation Rules & Regulations are inherently compounded and possibly disconcerting. It is therefore beneficial to ensure that everything involved, from sourcing the helicopter to
carrying out the essential engineering surveys and acquisition, is carried out diligently from the outset. Failing to do this can lead to registration issues, grounding
restrictions, and significant added cost.

Cutting Edge Helicopters has all the sector knowledge and experience to assist you in agreeing specifications, sourcing helicopter options, appraising Regulatory
requirements and obstacles, completing engineering and records surveys, flight testing, preparing feasibility reviews and advising in all aspects of the process.

In recent years we have assisted some of our business and private customers with Helicopter acquisitions from France, Switzerland , Ireland and the UK.

If you have any questions about buying a new or pre-owned Helicopter please ask

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Maintenance Servicing & Support

Having acquired your Helicopter for business or private use(s) it is essential for its smooth and efficient running, safety, insurance, Manufacturer/Regulatory
compliance and retention of value, that it is properly serviced and maintained.

As an approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) Cutting Edge Helicopters employs skilled and experienced resources that can plan
scheduled maintenance requirements around the owner’s flying needs and react efficiently to unplanned maintenance matters to minimize inconvenience.

Where possible, we can also rely on a number of trusted network partners to source backup aircraft and specialist services if required.

Through our sister company, Cutting Edge Helicopter Maintenance, we offer approved Helicopter Servicing/Maintenance and Engineering services with Part 145
Approvals ranging across a variety of Helicopter Types and Models. Bringing CAMO and Part 145 services together in this way provides responsive support services
and reduces maintenance downtime and cost.

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Risk Management

At Cutting Edge Helicopters we prioritise Safety and take our approach to Risk Management extremely seriously.

We have developed an evolving Safety Management System which meets Regulatory oversight and is continually monitored and managed to identify hazards,
mitigate risk and improve safety in everything we do.

Safety Policy
All at CEH are committed to a positive safety culture, setting, and achieving the highest possible safety standards in all areas of our operation. We ensure this
commitment is put into practice in our efforts to achieve an accident-free environment. We however recognize that due to human factors and mistakes accidents will
occur and as such the organization operates a just culture which provides an atmosphere of trust where we are all encouraged to report essential safety-related information. This is not a blanket amnesty as there is a clear distinction between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

The purpose of this SMM is to deliver Continuous Improvement in Air Safety, associated culture, regulation, and practice to enhance the delivery of a safe helicopter
operation. It does this by identifying and enabling mechanisms to mitigate risk. Ultimately, Risk to Life (RtL) is to be both As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
and Tolerable. This is a legal responsibility and an obligation under our duty of care.

Cutting Edge Helicopters’ management recognizes that whilst an excellent safety record is not a guarantee of business success, its absence guarantees failure.

A mistake is not always a failure but not reporting one could be.

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A great day.

The pilot was very pleasant and informative . I was late for my lesson and the pilot rescheduled just for me. If you are interested in flying a helicopter, I recommend.

Aidan Carolan
Amazing experience

Really friendly staff from on the ground to the air and back again

Laura Skeffs
Amazing experience at Cutting Edge Helicopters.

The staff were very helpful from start to finish and the flight was absolutely fantastic.
I'd certainly return and I'd recommend a visit to everyone.

Bryan Gallagher
Brilliant landscape and lough coverage

Excellent communication skills from pilot.
Would recommend 100%

Lynne Daymon
Fantastic experience, absolutely recommend!

Really appreciated our pilot who had great knowledge of the area and also gave us space to enjoy looking at the scenery, a great treat

Roisin Stewart
Loved it!

We got such a clear day to see everything. Such an amazing experience, highly recommend!

Samantha Forde
After pre flight brief and run through security you're welcome to hop onboard

From start to finish it was fantastic., brilliant. Would definitely recommend this experience.

Mark Brown
Wonderful experience

the pilot was so accommodating and really lovely. definitely would recommend.

Kerry Mcguinness
Amazing Experience From Start to Finish 🙌

My Partner and Son throughly Enjoyed it 😍 Would Highly Recommend.. Especially the Wild Atlantic Way Tour - Great Value. Thank you very much.. Epic Day Out, We will definitely be back over the Summer. Thank you again to All at Cutting Edge Helicopters 🚁

Donna Moore
Fantastic experience, absolutely recommend!

Really appreciated our pilot who had great knowledge of the area and also gave us space to enjoy looking at the scenery, a great treat

Roisin Stewart

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