90 Flight Experience

Experience the thrill of helicopter flight and take the controls above the skies of County Londonderry.

Our 90 Minute Flight Experience is the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast. . A 30 minute pre flight briefing will be conducted by one of our qualified instructors before you take to the skies and try the controls with the instructor for a further 60 minutes covering all aspects of helicopter flight.


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Departing from The City of Derry Airport Our 90 Minute Flight Experience consists of a 30 minute pre flight briefing on all of the controls and instruments by one of our qualified instructors who will explain all you need to know before you take to the skies for a further 60 minutes and try the controls for yourself. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the spectacular views on offer. On completion of the flight experience you will receive a signed certificate of achievement.


Our 90 Minute Flight Experience create a truly fabulous gift for anyone of any age. When purchased a unique gift certificate is created to download instantly and print ready to make the perfect present. Alternatively gift certificates can be purchased from our offices at The City of Derry Airport or by simply calling our office for next day delivery.

Question Answer
How long will I have the control for during my lesson? Your instructor will undertake the start up and take off of the helicopter and bring you on the dual controls as soon as you are airborne.
Do I have to take control during the flight? No, if you do not feel confident enough to take the control after take-off then you can simply sit back and enjoy your flight. If you would prefer not to take the control then why not purchase one of our sightseeing tours.
How long is my flight voucher valid for? All flight vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and are conducted on weekends.
How old do I need to be to experience a trial lesson? Anybody aged 14 and older can experience our trial lessons.
Is there a weight limit? Yes, the weight limit on the aircraft is 17st, if you are over this weight please contact us.
Can I log the flight time towards a future licence? Yes, flight time can be logged as instruction and count towards a future helicopter licence if needed.

Paul Lewis – Omagh

 "I have had an interest in aviation since a child and taken a couple of plane lessons before. I just could not believe how different the helicopter was. It's a real art trying to fly them but the view out the window is so much better, you really have to experience this"  


Jason McDaid  - Strabane

 "I dropped enough hints with the girlfriend to finally get bought a lesson. She treated me to the longest lesson which was great as not only did I get to fly over the City but it gave me time to really feel in control of the helicopter. My instructor showed me so many things that it could do I was really impressed. Now the girlfriend wants to go on a sightseeing tour next"  


Lindsay Martin  - Draperstown

 "I have my PPL aeroplane and always wondered what it was like flying a helicopter compared to a plane. There are a lot of  similarities in the cockpit but the ability to hover at 1000ft just blew my mind. Thanks again for an amazing day"


Jennifer Kelly  – Toome

"The flight was so much fun, the time just went so fast and I got some amazing pictures of my parents' house to top it all off. I was a little worried about the controls but after a few minutes I had got the hang of it and was able to fly the helicopter where I wanted to go. I would highly recommend this to anybody"